Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Guiding Light

Are you able to see,
The love that I have for you?

A love so great, a love so pure,
Love that's oh so true?

We'll walk togethor in our thoughts,
Like we did when we hadn't met;

I'll hold your hand and get close to you,
The distance will remain yet.

If the darkness scares you, I shall
Light the sky with my love;

The beetle will sing, the owl shall hoot,
All wishing us 'mazal tov'!

I will give you a push,
When we'll sit on the swings;

The chains will squeak,
As we will go back and forth, like wings.

At last, when you will have to leave,
'Stay a little longer', I will implore;

You'll flick your hair and bat your eyelids,
And I'll melt at the sight I adore.

I'll bid you farewell, for another night
When through the park we shall stroll;

The beetle, the owl and the swings will wait,
Till the next time love takes it's toll.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chhor Aya

Jab uss ki zulf mein pehla safaid baal aya,
Tab uss ko pehli mulaqat ka khayal aya;

Phhir aaj uss ne bohat berukhi dikhayi mujhe,
Woh, goya, shehr se bahar mujhe nikaal aya;

Guzar sakay na kabhi tere hijr ke shab-o-roz,
Na din dhala, na kabhi raat ko zawaal aya;

Zara si der mein khali hui meri aankhein,
Main apne ashq tere raaste mein daal aya;

Woh jis ka zikr hum inti khushi se karte hain,
Wohi tou umr mein sabhi se udaas saal aya;

Bohat dinon se main zindon mein tha na murdon mein,
Ghazal hui tou mere dasht mein ghazaal aya.

-Shahzad Ahmed

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