Thursday, March 15, 2007

Whole New World

Come to me, and I'll show you a world
With purple skies and amber rain;

A world with us and no one else,
No tears, no sorrow, no pain.

A world where you will be the moon,
And the sun that lights my sky;

A world where the winds will sing to us,
When in the evening we shall sip chai.

A world where you and I will dance,
And sing to each other, songs of love;

A world in which I'll feed you cake,
And oranges too, there'll be plenty of.

A world where you will smile, and I
Will hold that moment forever;

A world where we shall stop time,
And yet, grow old togethor.

A world with fancy mirrors in our bedroom,
And a castle oh-so-grand;

A world where there will be dark alleys,
Where you'd ask me to hold your hand.

So come to me, and I'll show you a world
With purple skies and amber rain;

A world where I will love you forever,
And give you no sorrow and no pain.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hey you! Yeah, you there,
Lets gaze upon the stars in the sky;

Remember when we saw the moon togethor?
And the shooting stars flying by?

Come, lets run across the meadows,
Where the tulips can kiss our skin;

Is there any such place, oh love,
Where, in our thoughts, we haven't been?

Then let me hold your quivering hand,
So I may guide you to the light;

And baby, let me kiss you now,
That our hearts may take flight.

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