Monday, September 22, 2008

Aisa kyun hai?

Tum aye nahi iss baar, aisa kyun hai
Mere ashq abhi talaq num hain, aisa kyun hai

Dil mein jahan basaya tha tumhein maine
Wahan ab ik khalish hai, aisa kyun hai.

Jahan ab bhi soya hai, aisa kyun hai
Phhir bhi dil abhi roya hai, aisa kyun hai

Tere aane so jo hota tha samaa
Ab jag waisa nahi, aisa kyun hai.

Taqdeer nahi meri saathi, aisa kyun hai
Bahaar phhir nahi hai aati, aisa kyun hai

Jo baatein roz hum kiya karte the
Sab teri yaad hain dilati, aisa kyun hai.

In patharon mein khudaa nahi hai, aisa kyun hai
Rooh jism ka hai qaidi, aisa kyun hai

Arsh pe baitha woh banane waala
Chup chaap baitha hai, aisa kyun hai.

Jeet ke bhi haara main, aisa kyun hai
Bana apna hi sahara main, aisa kyun hai

Jis duniya ke liye khwab sajaye the hum ne
Wahan pyar ki bhi boli lagti hai, aisa kyun hai.

Aao ge bhi to laut jao ge, aisa kyun hai
Manaoon ga, phhir rooth jao ge, aisa kyun hai

Chala hoon uss raah par jo kathhin hai bohat
Par iss raah mein akela hoon, aisa kyun hai.

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Friday, September 19, 2008


September rain lashes against the window
A cup of hot tea goes cold in the waiting
For you are caught in the storm outside
And I sit here, with my thoughts, contemplating.

I know not what resides in your heart
And you know not what rests in mine
Unlike the eye of the strom you are in
All my heart does is pine.

True, you may be hurt and lost
Wandering a lone street or glen
When shall you return, I ask
When shall I be whole again?

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