Friday, January 18, 2008


With hair that smells so great,
And eyes that shine in the night;

With a smile that draws you in,
And a body, just the perfect height.

With a voice that puts Lata to shame,
And the warmth of the brightest star;

With the simplicity of the color white,
And the depth of the galaxies afar.

With finger tips that burn at a touch,
And breath, oh so sweet;

With those little 'chutkis' on her head,
And silver 'khussas' beneath her feet.

With cheeks that turn the brightest of reds,
And a neck very sensitive to touch;

With a desire to be someone great,
And a sense of when to say no, thank you very much.

With a walk that speaks of grace,
And a jump that doesn't go very high;

With a sneeze that stops your heartbeat,
And in that moment, an eternity passes by.

With a soul not from this world,
And a heart with all the love it can hold;

With a flair to be who she is,
And beauty that was in prophecies foretold.

What would you do, my friend,
If you met a girl like her?

Would you be a fool and walk on by?
Would you not fall in love with her?

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Blogger Lunatic.... said...

awww its such a cute post!! :):)
and me back!!

5:31 AM  

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