Saturday, October 27, 2007

Na ho

Shab dhalti nahi hai jab talak,
Sanam tum se baat na ho;

Woh chand na ho, woh taray na hon,
Sanam tum se mulaqat na ho.

Ishq hota nahi hai jab talak,
Sanam poora irada na ho;

Woh alfaz na hon, woh geet na hon,
Sanam kal ka waada na ho.

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You could try to run away,
Or hide behind a mask;

Pretend that it's not there,
About love, you dare not ask.

You may be far away from me,
But at least, you are mine, I know;

And in your heart, there is only me,
Even though you may not let it show.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Own.

You are to me,
Not short of a godsend;
You are to me,
My own, to keep.

By day I count the seconds,
And by night, it is the stars;
Adrift in thoughts of you, which are,
My own, to keep.

I long for you, though far away,
Not once do I think different;
A glimpse of you, priceless, and,
My own, to keep.

My patience is tested,
With every lie you speak; but,
Every promise is true with me, and,
My own, to keep.

We may not be one,
I may not be whole;
But the hope of that is,
My own, to keep.

As matter collides with it's inverse,
Our union too, would be unique;
Touch me once, and that caress will be forever,
My own, to keep.

So be the godsend, and be my light,
Be who you are meant to be;
Love me back, so you become, my one,
My own, to keep.

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