Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Stranger

Water drips in the distance,
The insects wiggle afar;
I lie here half-awake, yet self-aware.

He calously calls out to me,
'You're a fool!', he says;
I lie here in misery, yet numb to pain.

The wind chimes are silent,
The moon is eclipsed;
I lie here in darkness, yet there is light.

He again roars in my ears,
'She's a liar!', he says;
I lie here in disbelief, yet there is deceit.

The vultures knaw at the old flesh,
Thrown out when new skin is found;
I lie here naked, yet I do not feel ashamed.

He now whispers to me,
'No one cares about you', he says;
I lie here waiting, yet she does not come.

The voice seems familiar,
'Who could it be?', I ponder;
I lie here questioning myself, yet there is no answer.

Could it be a stranger?
Or someone close to me?
I lie here afraid, yet curiosity gets the best of me.

My limbs betray me,
As did my mind so long ago;
I lie here helpless, yet I long to see the stranger.

But then he lifts the curtain himself,
And I come face to face with him;
I lie here bewildered, yet I see a familiar face.

It is me, myself, I,
The stranger is me;
I lie here torn apart, yet I am whole.

The jeers continue,
And the taunts don't end;
I lie here listening, yet I wish I were deaf.

The stranger, or my other half,
Sits there with a smile;
I lie here hurting now, yet only for a while.

The vultures seem to be a better end,
For they knaw only at flesh;
I lie here with my soul violated, yet I have no choice.

For eternity, the stranger plagues me,
No one else understands his words;
I lie here without wings, yet the vultures fly away.

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