Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Na tha kuchh tou, Khuda tha.
Kuchh na hota tou, Khuda hota.
Duboya mujh ko, honay ne.
Na hota main, tou kya hota?

-Assadullah Khan Ghalib

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Miss You

Maikaday band karein, laakh zamanay walay
Shehr mein kam nahi hain, aankhon se pilanay walay.

-Maikade (Hariharan)

Lagan laagi tum se man ki lagan
Lagan laagi tum se man ki lagan
Gali gali ghoomein
Dil tujhe dhoonde
Tere bin tarse nayen
Aa ja o meri jaan
Mere dil ka jahaan
Maange teri khabar
Dhoonde tera nishaan
Laagi tum se man ki lagan
Lagan laagi tum se man ki lagan

-Man ki lagan (OST: Paap)

Tujhe dekh dekh sona
Tujhe dekh kar hai jagna
Maine yeh zindagaani
Sang tere bitaani
Tujh mein basi hai meri jaan
Jiyaa dharak dharak, jiyaa dharak dharak jaye
Jiyaa dharak dharak, jiyaa dharak dharak jaye
Kab se hain dil mein mere
Armaan kayee unkahay
In ko tu sun le aaja
Chahat ke rang charha jaa
Kehna kabhi tou mera maan haye
Jiyaa dharak dharak, jiyaa dharak dharak jaye
Jiyaa dharak dharak, jiyaa dharak dharak jaye

-Tujhe Dekh Dekh (OST: Kalyug)

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Without You

Ishq junoon jab hadd se barh jaye
Hastay hastay aashiq sooli charh jaye

Ishq ka jaado sar charh kar bolay
Khoob laga lo pehray, rastay Rab kholay

Yehi ishq di marzi hai, yehi Rab di marzi hai
Tere bin jeena kaisa, haan khudgharzi hai

Tere naam se jee loon
Tere naam se mar jaoon

-Kailash Kher

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Friday, June 02, 2006


'Tere rang rang, tere rang rang;
Tere rang rang, tere rang rang,
Har soo, har jaa;
Har soo, har jaa.
Main jahan bhi jaaon duniya mein
Tere jalway mere sang sang.'

Abrar's amazing voice and these undeniable facts of our existence start of one of the best songs (and his favorite) that he has ever sung. His bout with Sufi-ism is no where close to Junoon's, yet with this particular rendition, he has outdone himself. Though its quite an old track; recorded around 2000, it was never picturized and thus never really gained any popularity, unlike other catchy hits like 'Nach Punjaban' and 'Billo'. His crisp voice, when he starts off with these lyrics, induces within me the truth of what he is singing about. The existence of Allah The Almighty (or merely God for those of you who dont share my beliefs) itself speaks to me, and in essence I stare into the expanse of this world and see, without actually seeing, that He does exists; all around us, within us.

'Tu ne ataa kiya,
Maine bhula diya.
Tu ne phhir se diya,
Na shukar kiya, na shukar kiya.
Tu ne aur diya, deta hi gaya, deta hi gaya;
Moun mor liye daryaaon ke,
Maine hawa mein urna seekh liya (Maine hawa mein urna seekh liya)
Meri agli nazar sitaaron par (Meri agli nazar sitaron par)
Phhir bhi main tere saharon par'

This part however, fails to move me, because I for one realize and understand the nature of humanity to an extent. I know how ungrateful a creature man is. How hollow he really is inside. How man is always asking for more and more. He fools himself into thinking that this world is all there is and he can accomplish any task. He thinks he can be god. In that process, man fails to realize how wrong he is and leads the whole world to a state of destruction and anarchy. These words shouldnt shock you, or anyone else for that matter. Everyone knows that man is on a journey to find omnipotence. The belief, however, that man shall fail this quest, is held by only a few.

'Main zaat paat mein, oonch neech mein,
Aur firqon mein bata hua.
Jo sachayee ko jhutla de,
Dil aisi gard se atta hua.
Shikwa naheen jism ki mitti se,
Ke rooh bhi ab beqaaboo hai.
Tere hukam pe chalna ek taraf,
Tera naam bhi lena yaad naheen.
Kam se kam mujh ko lauta de (Kam se kam mujh ko lauta de)
Woh rooh aur jism ki jang jang.'

This particular stanza holds the most meaning. You realize the triviality of the caste systems around the world. It screams of the call for equality. It describes how man has inherently become so blind to the world's carnage and mass destruction, both physical and emotional, that he cannot make the distinction between right and wrong. The last two lines are nothing short of phenomenal in snapping man back to reality, making him realize how dead he is inside.

Gone are the days we had men of honor and some mission in life. Not a facade. Not some mission to be God. Though they were people I respect, they can in NO way be compared to one another or thought to be similar. They were very different people, fighting for very different reasons, seeing very different futures. Abraham (pbuh). Moses (pbuh). Mohammad (pbuh). Hitler. Jinnah. All we see are men fighting to marry men, and women fighting to marry women. All we see is the fight for control over oil. All we see is the hypocrisy of the world when they can protest The DaVinci Code's release on the basis of blasphemy and religious intolerance, yet find the protests of Muslims on the obnoxious caricatures of their prophet, as distasteful. All we see is the facade of democracy and freedom. You dont see THEM anymore. You dont see the inner strife THEY went through. You dont see any changes in the world around you simply because though fighting on the outside, man is dead inside. He no longer has a conscience.

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