Sunday, February 12, 2006


D'you remember our last fight?
Or did you forget what it was about?
I dont know why, but
Was there room for doubt?

D'you not miss that night?
Or did you forget what it meant to me?
Tangled in the telephone wire
As if your body was draped around me.

D'you not know the feeling?
Or did you mock me again?
When we talked of Mahiwaal, and how;
Love found both in the end?

D'you not sway with emotion?
Or are you numb inside?
The endless love singes my heart; yet I,
Do not long for the pain to subside.

D'you always put on this mask?
Or is it your heart is of stone?
Are my wishes plain pointless?
What of the dreams that you have shown?

D'you pretend to even know my name?
Or is it that we can never be?
My love, all I can say is, at the end of the day;
Save the last dance for me.

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