Monday, December 26, 2005


Is that you calling from afar?
Or is it just your memory?
I miss the sound of your voice
So bad, it burns inside of me.

Is that your voice on the air?
Or is it just the wind?
I miss your soothing comfort
So bad, that I scream for it.

Is that you dancing over there?
Or is it a mirage that I see?
I miss the look on your face
So bad, that I curse my eyes.

Is that you smiling at me?
Or is it for someone else?
I miss that adorable beaming face
So bad, that I smile no more.

Is that you sitting there alone?
Or is it that you wait for me?
I miss our conversations, my love
So bad, that I just cant breathe.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Tumhein roka is kashmakash ne,
Dil ne kya tha kaha?
Ishq se labrez yeh qalb hamatan-gosh hai,
Labon se tu ne kyun na kaha?

Jin ke saharay ishq tha seekha,
Un se kya tha kaha?
Batao muhabbat kya hai; janab,
Khaaksaar se kyun na kaha?

Kaantay jab chubbhay thay tumhein,
Phoolon se kya tha kaha?
Aansoo aye thay jab teri aankhon mein,
Ponchney ko hum se kyun na kaha?

Aaj ke jab tera intizaar hai, mehboob,
Pehli shab tu ne kya tha kaha?
Naheen thay hum gar wafadar,
Yeh gila hum se kyun na kaha?

Taa qayamat rahay gi meri mohabbat,
Tujh se main kya tha kaha?
Mere khwabon ki taabeer hai tu,
Iss se pehle yeh tujh se kyun na kaha?

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I picture you wearing only that scarf,
Made of naught but moonlight;
Is it material that guards our bodies?
Or is it just man's mere sight?

I picture you wearing a frown,
Do not look upon me, it proclaims.
Can I really see what you fear?
Or is your heart just full of shame?

I picture you wearing a smile,
A lie it is, so clear;
Isn't it too easy today, my love?
Changing a curse to a sneer?

I picture you wearing black,
Suffered, you surely have not;
Weren't you the benefactor of pain, my love?
Wasn't hatred all that I got?

I picture you wearing the crown,
Feast on the cadaver of your only love;
How many more shall you devour?
Should man stop beleiving in true love?

I picture you wearing nothing,
Born in a brothel, was it not you?
Where are all the admirers now, my love?
Save the beasts who lust for you?

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