Monday, September 19, 2005

Janam Din

Today, I commemorate the sacrifices
That I myself have made to date;
You may call me selfish or just full of myself,
But is that what I'm here to debate?

Today, I remember those days
When we were all relaxed and carefree;
You may have forgotten, my friends,
But those memories are to death, with me.

Today, I acknowledge your presence
Yes, you've been there, I know;
You were there, true, but
Only for you to show.

Today, I realize the truth
To which I've been blind to;
You, who put the blindfold on my eyes,
Shall, InshAllah, be blinded once too.

Today, I put an end to this life
Of being helpful and caring;
You will resent your actions later,
For I have paid gravely for my forebearing.

Today, I stand on the edge
Of understanding and denial;
You may use me no more, my "friends",
I am no more a child.

Happy Birthday to Me.
Thanks Usmani, Mahnoor, Masood, Aun, Mustapha, Aneeb, Hasan, Saif, Zahra, Nazuk, Feeza, Murty, Umar...loved it.

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