Sunday, June 26, 2005


The sparkle in your eyes
The twitch of your lips
The touch of your hand
That bend of the hips

The softness of your hijaab
The crudeness of your style
The smell of your hair
That flowed like the Nile

The panic in your voice
The passion in your kiss
The wetness of your tongue
That face that I miss

Its not just this, believe me
To you, theres a lot more.
I love you more than you know
I just hope you know that for sure.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Is this insanity? Are we crazy?
Have you any clue how I feel inside?
The passion burns forever more;
And the pain does not subside.

Can we again gaze upon the stars?
And forget about kith or kin?
Let us share our passion
Like once we shared skin

Or should I give up and move on?
Is it there is no hope at all?
Cold they have all become,
Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall.

Will you dazzle me once more?
With your ever-lasting smile?
Perhaps it shall, for now,
Make the wait worthwhile.

Do you even wonder?
Or ever think where I may be?
Dark corridors are all I tread now;
Wondering of who, but thee.

So is love omnipresent?
Does it not ever end?
I guess, so is sorrow then;
Which is all there is at the end.

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